Cognitive Health & Natural Ways to Reduce Fatigue and Stress | Stacey Littlefield (2023)

In this episode we speak with Stacey Little Field of Redd Remedies to discuss cognitive health and natural ways to reduce fatigue and stress.


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Stacey is a Master Herbalist, with a background in biology and chemistry, shares her inspiring journey into the world of herbal medicine. Learn about her unique upbringing in a household where plants and food were used as medicine, thanks to her Japanese heritage.

Stacey's passion for plants and curiosity led her to work alongside Dan Chapman, the CEO of Redd Remedies, where she's been honing her expertise for over two decades. Discover how her journey has evolved and why having an herbalist on staff is a game-changer for dietary supplement companies.

In this interview, Stacey also sheds light on the fascinating crossover between Western herbalism, Chinese medicine, and Ayurveda, highlighting the rich tapestry of global herbal traditions that influence Redd Remedies' product formulations.

Stay tuned as Stacey dives into the science behind Redd Remedies' Brain Awakening formula, designed to support overall cognitive health. Explore the key ingredients like Magteen magnesium, lion's mane extract, and Omlabary, all carefully chosen to enhance brain function and protect against cognitive decline.

Find out how Brain Awakening complements other products like True Energy, a stimulant-free energy formula that harnesses the power of adaptogens to combat chronic stress and boost mental and physical endurance. Discover the harmonious synergy between these products for a holistic approach to well-being.

If you're curious about herbal medicine, cognitive health, or natural ways to combat fatigue and stress, this interview with Stacey is a must-watch. Don't miss out on the valuable insights she shares about Redd Remedies' innovative products and her incredible journey as a master herbalist. Subscribe now and stay tuned for more enlightening conversations!