Localization of Food and Farming: A Food Crisis | Will Harris (2023)

Learn how Will Harris' farm in Bluffton, Georgia, builds resilience by serving the local community through integrated and localized farming.   

Logan and Will discuss the importance of localized, vertically integrated systems and how it can protect us from the fragility exposed during crises like COVID-19.  


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Will Harris is one of my favorite people and the most genuine I've ever encountered. He is at the forefront of a powerful movement.   

His new book, "Bold Return to Giving a Damn," couldn't be more fitting as a title that captures his essence.  

I think Robb Wolf said it perfectly. "If you care about the Earth, your food, and a viable way forward, you need this book."  Will's’ family farm, White Oak Pastures' story, revolves around building a community by creating a resilient food system through regenerative agriculture, the perfect example of 'Sowing Prosperity.' This story was the inspiration for our first documentary, "Lessons from Bluffton."  

In our conversation with Will, we delve deeply into his book and explore many other topics.   

Will’s book is a must-read:  https://amzn.to/3Mn2l6h  


Will Harris, a farmer has been making waves in the world of sustainable agriculture and regenerative land management. Here is a list of some of the items covered in this discussion.  

📖 From Farmer to Author 📖 

Will Harris, a farmer from the University of Georgia College of Agriculture, has a remarkable story to tell. He's not your typical author, but he's released the book, "The Bold Return to Giving a Damn." Find out how a farmer ended up becoming an author and why this book matters.  

🌾 The Impact of Centralization on Farming 🌾 

Will and Logan delve into the issue of centralization in farming and how the centralized food system has transformed our diets, and not necessarily for the better. Will explains the shift from local food to industrialized, commoditized, centralized food, and why we should all care about it.  

♻️ Zero Waste Farming ♻️ 

Discover the incredible zero waste approach Will uses on his farm. He explains the value of turning waste products into increased fertility and the fascinating composting program he has in place.  

🌍 Ecosystem Management and Allan Savory 🌍 

Will shares his experience learning from the legendary Allan Savory and how it influenced his approach to ecosystem management. He discusses the importance of understanding that ecosystems can be highly localized and the challenges of creating a one-size-fits-all certification program.  

🌱 Support From Influential Figures 🌱 

Sally Fallon Morell and other influential figures have endorsed Will's book. Find out what it means to have this kind of support from individuals who advocate for health, agriculture, and conscious food choices.  

🚜 Bill Gates and Farmland Ownership 🚜 

Will Harris doesn't hold back when discussing the growing trend of wealthy individuals like Bill Gates acquiring vast amounts of farmland. He shares his concerns about the influence of technocrats in farming and food production.  #SustainableFarming #RegenerativeAgriculture

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