#34: Farming to Advocacy: The Journey of Will Harris of White Oak Pastures

In this episode of Sowing Prosperity, host Logan Duvall is joined by Will Harris, a farmer who has transitioned into writing and advocating for sustainable agriculture. Will shares his journey and insights on the critical role of food and farming in our communities. He discusses the detrimental impact of centralization on rural America and emphasizes the need for building resilient local food systems.

Delving into the benefits of composting and zero-waste practices, Will sheds light on the importance of processing facilities and the principles of holistic management inspired by Alan Savory. The conversation also touches on the concerning influences of big agriculture and big tech on farming policies and the implications of large-scale farmland acquisitions.

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Key Takeaways:

  • The need for resilient local food systems is paramount in the face of growing centralization in the agricultural sector.
  • Centralization has adversely affected rural communities across America, highlighting the importance of local solutions.
  • Implementing composting and zero-waste practices is crucial for reducing waste and enhancing soil health.
  • Effective ecosystem management requires local adaptation and understanding of nature's cycles.
  • The growing influence of large corporations and technology giants in agriculture poses significant challenges for the future of farming.

Episode Chapters:

00:00 - Introduction: Will Harris's Transition from Farming to Writing
03:22 - Exploring the Significance of Food and Farming
06:16 - The Negative Effects of Centralization on Rural Communities
09:32 - The Importance of Building Resilient Local Food Systems
11:59 - Insights into Will Harris's Book and its Impact
15:16 - The Role of Processing Facilities in Sustainable Agriculture
18:33 - Advocating for Composting and Zero Waste Practices
21:49 - The Benefits of Returning Compost to the Land
24:22 - Understanding Ecosystems and Nature's Cycles in Agriculture
27:12 - Lessons from Alan Savory's Holistic Management Approach
29:06 - The Need for Consistency and Standards in Agricultural Practices
32:41 - Emphasizing the Localization of Agriculture
36:27 - Discussing Big Agriculture and Tech's Influence on Farm Programs
37:28 - Concerns Surrounding Bill Gates' Farmland Acquisitions
39:28 - Closing Remarks and Expressing Gratitude

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