#47: Root Cause Protocol: Minerals, Health, and The Warburg Effect | Morley Robbins

Summary: In this insightful conversation, Morley Robbins illuminates the crucial role of minerals like magnesium and copper in our health. Sharing his journey of discovery, Robbins delves into the widespread misunderstandings about copper toxicity, the significance of minerals in agriculture, and the intricate interplay between minerals and light. He also discusses the often-overlooked importance of copper in pregnancy, childhood, and environmental factors impacting copper levels in our bodies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Magnesium and copper are vital for overall health and wellness.
  • Copper toxicity is misunderstood, and the essential role of copper is frequently underestimated.
  • Minerals, including copper, are fundamental to farming practices and crop health.
  • There's a notable link between minerals and light, particularly affecting melanin and melatonin production.
  • The Warburg effect's connection to copper and retinol deficiency offers new insights into cancer research.
  • Copper deficiency can profoundly impact pregnancy, childhood development, and overall health.
  • Environmental exposures can alter copper levels, highlighting the importance of considering external factors.
  • Food processing and pharmaceuticals are contributing to a widespread depletion of copper, leading to various health concerns.
  • The crucial role of copper in melanin production and its difference from ascorbic acid.
  • Copper's importance in hyaluronic acid production and how ascorbic acid can hinder copper absorption.
  • Energy deficiency and functional anemia are linked to copper deficiency.


00:00 - Introduction and Background of Morley Robbins
03:00 - Exploring the Importance of Magnesium
08:08 - Debunking Misconceptions About Copper
12:01 - The Critical Role of Minerals in Agriculture
20:49 - How Minerals Influence Overall Health
27:34 - Minerals and Light: The Melanin-Melatonin Connection
30:58 - Copper, Retinol, and the Warburg Effect in Cancer
39:06 - The Far-reaching Impacts of Copper Deficiency
45:30 - Copper’s Role in Pregnancy and Early Childhood
49:46 - Copper, Gene Defects, and Genetic Expression
50:37 - Environmental Influences on Copper Levels
51:11 - The Decline of Copper Due to Food Processing
52:36 - Copper’s Essential Role in Melanin Production
56:03 - Ascorbic Acid vs. Vitamin C: Understanding the Difference
57:36 - Copper in Hyaluronic Acid Synthesis
59:43 - How Ascorbic Acid Impacts Copper Absorption
01:03:32 - Linking Copper Deficiency to Energy Deficiency
01:05:18 - Functional Anemia: The Hidden Role of Copper