#89 Carnivore Diet | A Nutritional Journey with Jason

Unveiling the Secrets of the Carnivore Diet | A Nutritional Journey #carnivorediet #nutrition In this conversation, Logan Duvall interviews Carnivore JT about his journey into the carnivore diet and his passion for nutrition. They discuss the transition to a carnivore diet, the combination of different dietary approaches, and the impact of the diet on athletic performance. They also explore the importance of bringing awareness to agriculture and making the carnivore diet more affordable. The conversation touches on raising children on a carnivore diet and bridging the gap between the carnivore community and agriculture. Finally, they discuss Carnivore JT's future plans, including a new company and cookbook. Carnivore JT discusses his journey and the impact of his diet on his mental health. He shares how he started sparking conversations and helping others who are unaware of the benefits of a carnivore diet. He also talks about his focus on leveling up his content and creating new products. Carnivore JT emphasizes the importance of dispelling dogma within the carnivore community and being open to different dietary approaches. He urges people to stop eating processed foods and highlights the need to support local food producers. Taking action is crucial in making a real impact. Takeaways: The carnivore diet can be a sustainable option for individuals looking to improve their health and well-being. Combining different dietary approaches, such as ketogenic and carnivore, can provide unique benefits for individuals. Athletes can benefit from a carnivore or low-carb diet, but the adoption of such diets may be limited due to the need for adaptation and performance concerns. Bringing awareness to agriculture and supporting local farmers can help improve the sourcing and quality of food. Raising children on a carnivore diet requires finding a balance between strictness and allowing them to have a variety of foods. There is a need to bridge the gap between the carnivore community and agriculture to promote sustainable and affordable food options. Educating children about the importance of food quality and making informed choices can help them develop healthy eating habits. Future plans for Carnivore JT include launching a new company and publishing a cookbook. The carnivore diet can have significant benefits for mental health, including reducing the need for medication. Sparking conversations and helping others understand the benefits of a carnivore diet is essential. Creating high-quality content and developing new products can help reach a wider audience. Dispelling dogma within the carnivore community and being open to different dietary approaches is important for inclusivity and growth. Avoiding processed foods and supporting local food producers is crucial for overall health and sustainability.