#92 Power of Vitamin K2 | Insights from Joanie Blaxter in the Natural Foods and Supplements Industry

Power of Vitamin K2 | Insights from Joanie Blaxter in the Natural Foods and Supplements Industry Join Joanie Blaxter on a captivating journey through the realms of natural foods and supplements, as she delves deep into the significance of vitamin K2 and its pivotal role in bone, teeth, and overall health. In this enlightening discussion, Joni elucidates the disparities between vitamin K1 and K2, dispelling myths about K2 as a blood thinner and addressing concerns for those on blood thinners. She sheds light on the telltale signs of vitamin K deficiency, advocating for the adoption of natural forms of K2, such as menaquinone-7, for optimal efficacy and sustained benefits. Discover the intricate interplay between vitamin K2 and vitamin D, unraveling their synergistic relationship for enhanced health outcomes. Explore the detrimental effects of glyphosate on gut health, as Joni unveils the insidious impacts of this pervasive antibiotic on beneficial gut bacteria. Learn about the transformative potential of spore-based probiotics, like those championed by Just Thrive, in fortifying gut health and mitigating the effects of a leaky gut. Takeaways: Vitamin K2 is essential for bone and teeth health, as well as overall health. There is a difference between vitamin K1 and K2, and K2 is not a blood thinner. Common symptoms of vitamin K deficiency include stiffening of tissues, plaque in veins and arteries, and issues with blood sugar levels and circulation. Natural forms of vitamin K2, such as menaquinone-7, are more effective and have a longer half-life in the body. Glyphosate, found in many commercially raised foods, is a damaging antibiotic that targets beneficial bacteria in the gut. Spore-based probiotics, like those in Just Thrive products, can help support gut health and seal up a leaky gut.