#96 Understanding Whole Body Vibration For Neuropathy Pain And Bone Health Dr Conviser PowerPlate

Revolutionize Your Health | Whole Body Vibration Explained | The Power of Whole Body Vibration Dr. Conviser discusses the benefits of whole body vibration in improving overall health and well-being. He explains that his focus is on using exercise as a tool to maintain or limit the degradation of physical capabilities, particularly for individuals with medical challenges. The three main areas where whole body vibration is used are preparation, performance, and recovery. Dr. Conviser emphasizes that most people come to him wanting to feel better and operate at their best in their daily lives. He also discusses the use of whole body vibration in managing pain, peripheral neuropathy, and osteoporosis. In this conversation, Logan Duvall interviews Jason Conviser about the benefits of whole body vibration. They discuss the impact of vibration on muscle contractions and lymphatic flow, as well as its potential role in detoxification. They also explore the importance of mindset in achieving positive outcomes and the factors to consider when choosing a vibration platform. Jason emphasizes the need for movement and exercise in maintaining overall health and well-being. #HealthRevolution #PerformanceEnhancement #PainManagement #MusclePower #Detoxification #MindsetWellness #SafetyFirst #Rehabilitation #EmpowerHealth #WellBeingOptimization #WholeBodyVibration #HealthAndWellness #FitnessGoals #HolisticHealth #LifestyleEnhancement Takeaways: Whole body vibration is a powerful tool for preparing the body for optimal performance, enhancing performance, and aiding in recovery. Most people seek to feel better and operate at their best in their daily lives, rather than aiming to become world champions. Whole body vibration can help manage pain by reducing pain receptors and slowing down nerve impulses. It has been shown to be beneficial in managing peripheral neuropathy by reducing swelling, relieving pain, and improving circulation. Whole body vibration can help combat the loss of bone density by stimulating muscle contractions that pull on tendons, which in turn strengthen the bones. Exercise on a vibration platform can be customized based on individual needs and goals, and there are various exercises and intensity settings available. Whole body vibration is a safe and effective tool when used appropriately, but caution should be exercised after surgery or in certain medical conditions. Whole body vibration can improve lymphatic flow and contribute to detoxification. There is a lack of scientific studies specifically focused on whole body vibration and lymphatic drainage. Mindset plays a crucial role in achieving positive outcomes in health and wellness. When choosing a vibration platform, look for a triplanar motion, a high weight capacity, and versatility in usage. Regular movement and exercise are essential for overall health and well-being. Chapters: 00:00 Introduction and Background 02:52 Using Whole Body Vibration for Preparation, Performance, and Recovery 04:24 Improving Quality of Life and Functionality 09:01 Managing Peripheral Neuropathy 11:52 Safety Considerations and Contraindications 24:08 Exercising on a Vibration Platform 29:52 Introduction and Discussion on Infrared and Red Light Therapy 30:14 The Impact of Whole Body Vibration on Lymphatic Flow and Detoxification 33:00 The Role of Mindset in Achieving Positive Outcomes 37:17 Supporting Cancer Patients with Whole Body Vibration 45:39 Choosing the Right Vibration Platform 53:32 The Importance of Movement and Exercise for Health 54:38 Conclusion and Discount Offer